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Anyone who rents a vehicle from My Car is entitled to our roadside assistance in an emergency.

Roadside assistance that covers other incidents and mishaps such as dead batteries (if your vehicle's battery fails, we'll jump-start you) and tire replacement (we'll swap a flat or punctured tire with a spare, or tow your vehicle to the nearest garage).

In the unlikely event that problems do arise, we'll make sure you can get on with your journey as soon as possible.

What If I Have an Accident?

  • Notify police and accident care.
  • Not recognize claims of third parties
  • Send any relevant documents to MyCar




During the rental period, direct any questions to the rental location where you picked up your vehicle.

Thessaloniki Rental Station
+30 2310 464120 Prices depend on the landline and mobile network provider
Giannitsa  Rental Station
+30 23820 24744 Prices depend on the landline and mobile network provider



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Airport Area


+30 2310 464120



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